Microbe-Lift Philippines



Microbe-Lift OC is a liquid consortium that is designed specifically for the control of gaseous odorous reaction in contained wastewater system and solid waste odor control such as solid dumpsite and farm manure storage. For more than forty years, the capabilities of this technology, applied with expertise and support of Ecological Laboratories’ technical team, has provided dramatic results over an ever-increasing range of applications.

Microbe-Lift OC is recommended for solid waste and animal farm manure odor control. It reduces bad odors, eliminates ammonia and hydrogen sulfide via biological process providing healthier environment for the animals and workers. It gives better manure quality to be used as compost or fertilizer and reduces pathogenic bacteria.


Microbe-Lift OC-IND is known to be effective and beneficial in such of its functions:

  • Microbe-Lift OC is a natural organic-based technology designed to control gas generating odor reactions in wastewater systems, storage systems, lagoons, landfills and transfer stations. This novel organic technology contains reactive constituents that function as macromolecular sponges, permanently binding odor and stopping odor in its tracks. Works on contact.
  • Microbe-Lift OC works in a wide range of temperatures. Effective in pH of 5.0 to 9.5.