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Simple Solutions for Complex Wastewater Treatment 

Microbe-Lift DGTT Bioremediation Technologies 

Bacteria is widely used for industrial, municipal, agricultural and residential applications in breaking down organic wastes, which includes wastewater treatment solution. These bacteria are versatile and are able to degrade almost every complex materials into simple molecules.  
A major advantage of waste-water treatment with bacteria is that it is a subtractive process which means that there is a net reduction in material content in the waste-water.  Conversely, chemical treatment processes are additive in that in most cases, something must be added to the water to achieve the removal of something else.  As a result, chemical processes result in a net increase of dissolved matter in the wastewater which must eventually be removed before being safely discharged to the environment.  Chemical treatment is almost always significantly more expensive than biological treatment. 
In addition to being safe for the environment, MICROBE-LIFT provides the most economical, effective wastewater treatment available.  The addition of live bacteria (Bioaugmentation) into the wastewater is very cost efficient because the bacteria are living and multiply very quickly when fed.  One organism will reproduce into over 16 million organisms in a 24-hour period.  The waste in the water is the bacteria’s food, and so long as there is waste in the water, the bacteria in MICROBE-LIFT will continue to multiply and digest the waste.  When the waste is gone, the bacteria die off and get recycled safely into the environment. 

Ecological Laboratories Inc, with more than 40 years of experience in bacteria culture selection and bio-product formulation, produces MICROBE-LIFT, a product of intensive research and one of the world’s best bioaugmentation product which allows nature to keep up with new, manmade compounds and also concentrations of pollutants that are higher than what would normally occur in nature.  
Microbe-Lift DGTT is a liquid consortium that is designed specifically to rapidly degrade fats, oils and grease in wastewater systems, including all forms of grease traps, waste sumps, recirculation cleaning systems, storage lagoons and wastewater biological systems. DGTT is a highly active microbial-based formulation that contains proprietary cultures that are extremely effective in dealing with overloaded FOG systems. 
For more than forty years, the capabilities of this technology, applied with expertise and support of Ecological Laboratories’ technical team, has provided dramatic results over an ever-increasing range of applications. 

Pictures are worth a thousand words 

The following are actual pictures of Microbe-Lift DGTT treatment programs locally and internationally. Once you see them, you will want to know more about how Microbe-Lift DGTT can help you and your community. 


Dosing point at the incoming supply and hotel and grease trap 


High SS and O&G found at the lifting pump station 

After a week of treatment, SS and O&G start reducing at lifting pump station 

Incoming Supply which is high loading of SS & OG 

Incoming supply and final effluent sampling 

A Meat and Cutting Plant Wastewater Facility in Pampanga Before Treatment

A Meat and Cutting Plant Wastewater Facility in Pampanga After Treatment



Microbe-Lift DGTT is known to be effective and beneficial in such of its functions: 

MICROBE-LIFT®/DGTT is designed specifically for industrial, institutional and municipal effluent line and trap treatment.  MICROBE-LIFT®/DGTT will eliminate odor and provide significant reduction in line and trap maintenance and reduce line blockages. Degrades grease, fats and oils, reduces line and trap deposits and accumulations, resulting in lower fats, oil and grease (FOG).  MICROBE-LIFT®/DGTT works in a wide range of temperatures. Effective in pH of 4.5 to 10.5. 

We provide total system and technical support to solve your water pollution and waste treatment problem by: 

1. Innovative Treatment Plans   
Identifying problems that need to be solved via systematic survey forms, establishing goals and defining criteria for success;   

2. Sustainable Natural Solution   
Providing an environmental friendly treatment solution to achieve an ecological balanced system through natural microbial remediation and bioaugmentation technologies. Review results to adjust & maintain sustainable long-term performance and satisfaction;   

3. Cost Effective and Efficient   
An innovative solution that is very cost effective and efficient. Eliminates the need for high upfront capital equipment investment;   

4. Environmentally Safe   

Microbe-Lift DGTT only uses naturally occurring, safe and non-pathogenic bacteria in their products, which are not harmful to human and aquatic life. Approved by the USA USDA, reviewed and exempted by the USA EPA.