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Microbe-Lift Philippines offers a range of MICROBE-LIFT bio augmentation products to deal with issues relating to waste water effluent parameters (BOD, COD, TSS, Phosphate, Ammonia, PH, Color, etc.) and many other environmental water wastes. Manufactured by Ecological Laboratories, Inc. located in Florida, USA, our products are biological rather than chemical and have a proven track record in diverse industries, ranging from agri-processing to petrochemical with over 43 years of proven research and product development. 

We produce cost effective results as evidenced in hundreds of case studies, real life trials and very satisfied customers. The products are easy to use and with a team of process specialists and bacterial experts to support you, we are confident that we can offer a real, sustainable solution to your problem.

INAVET Nutrition Technologies, Inc. holds the national distribution for the MICROBE-LIFT range of products and there are opportunities for business partners, wholesalers, distributors and service providers who share our vision for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow. Kindly send us a message us in our Facebook Page.


Bio-augmentation is the introduction of specially selected micro-organisms with specific metabolic profiles to speed up the rate of degradation in a particular environment. This process can be applied to a multitude of environments, from breaking down unwanted or undesirable substances and particles to get rid of them to stimulating degradation to enhance methane production.  Bio-stimulation through the addition of selected bacterial cultures in the growth medium of crops is used to increase yields naturally and organically.

The MICROBE-LIFT range of products is unique in that it contains 29 species of microbes. They are live and ready to start working the moment they are introduced into the environment. Application is simple and no special equipment is needed. Unopened, it has a guaranteed two year shelf life; the longest shelf life of any live bacterial product.


In these 5 processes we have managed to sustainably grow 29 species of microbes in one bottle these microbes are completely live and ready to start working the moment they are introduced to your environment.

Keeping all these species alive and well long enough to give it a shelf life is what we are all about. Our product unopened have a guaranteed 2 year shelf life making it the longest shelf life of any live bacterial product.


Breaking down simple and aromatic hydro carbons(from methane to petroleum waste), ammonia and nitrites


breaking down simple and aromatic hydro carbons(from methane to petroleum waste), nitrates and sulphides


Utilizing either oxygen or when it is unavailable nitrates, sulphates or sulphur to metabolize. This obviously is a fantastic advantage when you are trying to get rid of Sulphates, sulphur or nitrates

Chemo synthetic

Breaking down carbons and in the process using matter like sulphides


Using the power of the sun to deal with hydrogen sulphides

Our Products

Microbe-Lift IND®

Microbe-Lift IND is a highly active liquid culture consortium designed specifically for use in almost all environmental applications. IND select cultures promote increased biological degradation capabilities in all types of designs of biological wastewater systems, open lagoon and polluted environments. IND consortium is very effective in degrading hard degradable compounds such as fatty acids, various chemical compounds, hydrocarbons and fibrous matters that indigenous bacteria often unable to degrade them, hence result in system performance deficiency.



Microbe-Lift SA®

Microbe-Lift SA is a highly active microbial accelerator that is designed specifically to speed the biological oxidation process of slow to degrade organic matter. SA has shown to enhance the biological oxidation of slow to degrade organic waste solids by as much as 80% over historical system performance. SA is often recommended to use with IND.




Microbe-Lift OC®

Microbe-Lift OC is a liquid consortium that is designed specifically for the control of gaseous odorous reaction in contained wastewater system and solid waste odor control such as solid dumpsite, farm manure storage etc.





Microbe-Lift DGTT®

Microbe-Lift DGTT is a liquid consortium that is designed specifically to rapidly degrade Fats, Oils and Grease in wastewater systems, including all forms of grease traps, waste sumps, re-circulation cleaning systems, storage lagoons and wastewater biological systems. DGTT is a highly active microbial-based formulation that contains proprietary cultures that are extremely effective in dealing with overloaded FOG systems.




Microbe-Lift Aqua-C®

MICROBE-LIFT/Aqua-C is a highly active liquid culture consortium designed specifically for use in a variety of wastewater systems.  MICROBE-LIFT/Aqua-C contains a blend of 12 select microorganisms with a specification of 387/450 million microorganisms/ml.  MICROBE-LIFT/Aqua-C cultures accelerate the biological oxidation of slow to degrade organic matter in aerobic, facultative anaerobic and anaerobic wastewater systems, ponds, lagoons and wastewater retention tanks.  MICROBE-LIFT/Aqua-C enhances the biological oxidation of slow to degrade organic compounds significantly improving overall system performance and stability.



Microbe-Lift N1®

Microbe-Lift N1 is a highly specialized microbial consortium of nitrifying cultures designed specifically to promote, establish and maintain nitrification in adequately design.  Recommended for wastewater facilities and commercial aquaculture farming.


Tour Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Manufacturing Plant and Office

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Office - Florida, U.S.A.


Pressurized Production Room A

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. products and technologies are backed and supported by a modern well equipped highly sophisticated R&D laboratory.   It is equipped with the latest evaluation methodologies, and staffed by PhD and Masters Level Microbiologists, Chemists, and highly qualified laboratory assistance.

Laboratory equipment includes:

•  Ultra-modern Genetic Sequencing and Analysis
•  DNA Amplification
•  Real Time PCR
•  Anaerobic Chamber
•  Nucleic Acid Quantification
•  Two ELI Culture Banks
•  Essential fermenters

Supporting lab equipment such as  microscopes, chemical determination units, and necessary laboratory protective hoods. Operating in a protected laboratory environment with positive air pressure, and HEPA filter recirculated air, offering a protected environment for work and R&D projects and evaluations.

Quality Assurance Laboratory

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. has established stringent quality assurance procedures for raw materials and formulation constituents, these undergo strict control processes.

Our Quality Assurance Laboratory reviews and conducts analyses of all incoming and production raw materials, essential ingredients, and formulation constituents;

these materials are placed in quarantine upon entry to Ecological Laboratories facility and held until released by our QA department.

QA inspects and approves all materials released to production and retains samples of each raw material for a period of 5 years.

All formulated products during production undergo strict QA procedures throughout the production process, from initial formulation, through product completion.

Final product batch samples collected with date and lot number are held as retained samples for 5 years.

Finished Goods Warehouse

Our Florida campus occupies two acres and is made up of over 75,000 square feet of enclosed production, research & development, laboratory and warehouse facilities.  This building is one of several Finished Goods warehouses on our campus and  is 20,000 square feet of finished goods which will eventually be placed in one of our many retail, industrial and agricultural markets.

Grow Room

The final formulations blending and packaging stage of the technologies’ novel, unique and proprietary Multi-Stage Fermentation Processes.

This is the final step prior to the technologies completing the photosynthesis light growth; this is carried out in a clean sanitized room with positive pressure HEPA filtration for an ultra-clean controlled environment where the finished culture consortium can be further formulated, prepared and packaged prior to photosynthetic finishing in a light growth process.

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